Event Submission

Event Submission Information:

* We are volunteers who have fun and do this for free, and are not associated with an official company in a mascot capacity.

* Although preferred but not required, if you invite us to an Event we do ask that you make a donation to an agreed upon charity via check in exchange for our appearance if no other fundraiser is happening. Our goal is to help draw attention where needed and hope that someone benefits from our volunteer work. The only times we handle donation money ourselves is when we setup our very own photo booth at a con and multiple Heroes can keep an eye on it.

* We try to avoid booking multiple events on the same day as it becomes difficult for our volunteers and is unfair to the people who invited us first. But sometimes it does work out.

* We always try to send at least 3 Heroes to an Event due to safety and to keep people from wondering why a lone Hero is walking about. If we have less than 3 available, we may not attend the Event.

* Events during work days/hours are often tricky for us to attend as we are volunteers. If you invite us for something during workday hours, your Event info will be submitted to the Heroes to see if there is interest before posting an official Event, as sometimes people can take time off work and sometimes not.

* Please have a dressing area available for us and a place to keep our belonging as most Heroes cannot drive when suited up and need a place to change.

* Many of our Heroes cannot get wet due to materials/fabrics used to construct the custom suits. If your event is outdoors and there is no shelter and the weather turns sour, we may have to cancel showing up.

* We are not babysitters for children at your event. While we give everybody individual attention and will interact as much as possible while in character, we appreciate children not being left for us to manage while the parent is occupied for an extended period of time doing something else. We expect to be treated with the same respect that we will show your patrons.

* We do not perform birthday parties as a group, as some people do that for a living and we wish to respect that. If you are interested in a Hero, it’s best you contact that Hero directly via the Current Members gallery and communicate separately http://tinyurl.com/qxlp774 .

* Use our Contact Form or email pdxsuperheroes@gmail.com and please include the following information:

1. Date/time/location, and is it indoor/outdoor?

2. Is a dressing/storage area available? Public bathrooms are not preferred.

3. Is any fundraising happening at your event, or are donations being accepted?

4. Is any food/alcohol involved with your event?

5. Preferred genre of characters, and are any other costumed groups invited?

6. What might our chores be?