Hero Code of Conduct

Hero Guidelines & Code of Conduct for current PSC Official Members: Hero Guidelines:
* Wranglers must be 18+, plain-clothed, and pre-approved if not already an Official Member.
* Seniority Rule: If you have a duplicate/variation of a same Hero, please give the veteran Hero first choice of attending an Event as they might have been the one who got us the Event to start with. This will require like Heroes to communicate with each other.
* No over-the-top padded muscles. If your Hero is in shape, you should be too.
* Duplicate characters are not allowed at a scheduled event as it ruins the effect. It is advised to add to your costume repertoire so we will have more diversity and greater attendance.
* Arrive 30 minutes early to get dressed and help others dress.
* Be clean and fresh! Talk and act like your Hero; but don’t scare kids, be obnoxious, or endanger yourself/others. Hero Code of Conduct: Though PSC is a volunteer organization we expect all members to treat their volunteer responsibilities like they would a fun rewarding job. Here are some important points about what that expectation entails:
* Be reliable. This means showing up to Events that you have committed to, on time and prepared. Please limit guests to pre-approved Wranglers.
* During a PSC Event use PSC approved costumes only.
* Be ready to engage the public at all times during the Event. This means conversations with children and Event attendees take priority over interactions with other Heroes or friends.
* You are a representative of PSC, behavior needs to be respectful, professional and positive. Our reputation is everything, as members we need to contribute positively, not negatively to that reputation both in word and action, in person and online.
* Follow directions and carefully read Event Details before committing. All Events have very specific instructions and requirements about photographs, parking, hand washing, requested character genres, etc. Not all Events are appropriate for all characters. These requirements must be met and respected as we are guests wherever we have been invited to go.
* Processes for choosing Events and activities we attend are in place for important legal/copyright reasons. In order to continue doing our work, following procedures are important. Your costume is your own and you can wear it for whatever Event or purpose you choose, but PSC can not be associated with non-PSC official Events.
* No use of PSC internal workings for personal/business gains.
*** If an issue arises where the Code of Conduct is not being followed, we could end our relationship with all parties involved. Our Heroes are important to us! Please feel free to bring any questions or concerns that you may have to any of these Core Members http://tinyurl.com/z2v53rv. With your help we can grow stronger as a team!