Hero Submission Information

Hero Submission
* We are all volunteers and have been in service since 2012. All must be 18+ years old and be able to pass a Background Check if needed as it is required by some Events we attend. We ask that all Official Members be able to attend at least 2 Event every 5 months and be available for video projects as they come up.
* We have members between SW Washington and Eugene OR and cover Events all over the state as invites come in.
* Currently accepting: superhero and appropriate pop-culture submissions. New Heroes we don’t already have preferred in order to increase variety and Event attendance, as multiples of the same Hero are not allowed at a single event because it ruins the illusion.
* Currently not accepting: Horror movie type characters, Musician type characters, and Anime’ submissions.
* Duplicates and of existing Heroes will be considered per submission basis so please email first especially if you are constructing a new project. If one kind of Hero becomes saturated to the point where a new person won’t be able to attend events, that Hero will be capped off and we will no longer accept those submissions.
* High quality top-notch family-friendly outfits only. Mass-produced and store-bought are not allowed in order to give a unique and memorable experience while dealing with the public and many types of children’s Events. Your submission will be voted on by a Core Team and possibly by multiple current Heroes. Submissions may be critiqued or suggestions may be offered, but please don’t take it personally as members of this group know what to look for in durability, and durability is very important for what we do as we attend 55-75 Events a year.
* To submit a Hero to be voted on to become an Official Member, please send the following by messaging this page or emailing pdxsuperheroes@gmail.com :
1. High-res photos of your outfit
2. A made-up character name
3. Current email address
4. Current city
We look forward to hearing from you!